This podcast aims to celebrate black women and colored culture because of the lack of representation in our community.

Hey I’m Harmony Thomas. I’m a senior at Prince George High School. I like dancing, listening to music and writing.

Hi, I’m Kayla White. I’m a junior at PGHS. I like politics, music and writing.

Hey guys, my name is Deana Nichols. And I’m also senior at Prince George High School. I enjoy writing and making friendship bracelets.

On this episode we speak to Delegate Lashrecse Aird from Virginia.

LA: Good morning Kaylaa this is Lashresce, how are you?

KW: Very well. How are you? I am sorry for missing your phone call.

LA: No problem. Is this still an ok time to talk to you?

KW: This is perfect is it ok for you?

LA: Yes.

KW: This is the first democratic majority House led by women. How does that make you feel and how has that encouraged you?

LA: Thank you Kaylaa. It has been quite historical this legislative session particularly because we are in the majority but more importantly because women and leading in ways they have never been able to lead before. For the first time in Virginia’s history we have the first woman speaker. We have more women chairs leading legislative committees than ever before. And we also have the first female majority leader. So literally this General Assembly session is being led by women.

It is inspiring because now this feeling of limited leadership opportunities in the VA General Assembly has been shattered. It shows me that there is one day a road that I can travel that might lead to the same place if I so desire, and if not me many more that will come after me.

KW: You mentioned the General Assembly. What are the major issues that you feel need improvement or change?

LA: Thank you. The thing that is most nearest and dearest to my heart is the thing that I hope to see the biggest change to has to do with our school systems. My background is in higher ed by profession. I just remember my own personal journey starting out with very adverse circumstances. Education was that one element that literally allowed me to get to where I am today, and so for me it is very important that the young people, particularly our youngest students, have the best education that they can. It has a lot to do with the money the state is providing to our schools, the salaries we are paying our teachers, even the wrap-around support staff that we have in our schools, from school counselors to reading interventionists. To all the people who play roles to make our system successful, that is where I believe we have room to do better on. I think it is one of the topics you hear regularly in these halls to make sure we are doing. How are we making sure that we are doing our role to make our schools as strong as possible.

KW: This ties into the next question. I noticed that you are part of the Health, Welfare Institutions Committee as well as the Health, Welfare Institutions Social Services Subcommittee. What about that is important to you and why?

LA: So healthcare is the next most important issue in our region as a whole. It is one of those things where mental health all the way to access to healthcare services.


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