As the Royals start out strong winning their first two games, Carter Marks sits down with Coach Carroll as they look forward. The Royals travel to Portsmouth to take on Churchland this Friday.

CM: Hello my name is Carter Marks and I’m here with Coach Carroll, and this is the Two Minute Drill. 

CM: Coming out on top against JR Tucker this past Saturday 34-12, take me through your game plan going into the game and how well your team executed it.

CC: Well we felt like if we went in and played well, we’d be okay and defensively I thought our kids played one of the more physical games we have seen here. So we were pleased with that. Offensively, we executed fairly well and made too many mistakes and that’s got to be the focus right now. You can’t go backwards and we have to clean some things up. 

CM: With Friday’s game against Churchland being your first Friday game of the season, how does this affect your team having to travel down to Portsmouth to play?

CC: You wouldn’t think Friday’s would be out of the ordinary, but it seems like the last two years it has been. The ride is going to be different for our guys, but there also is a lot of dead time on home games so hopefully we take that ride and guys will take some  time to get their mindset right and just kind of go about our business and we’ll be fine. 

CM: What are some of the things you and the other coaches are emphasizing at practice to get ready for an unfamiliar foe. 

CC: I think the focus is more on us than who we’re playing. Like I said, we made some mistakes last week. We got to clean those up. If we take care of us, then the other things will take care of themselves. Really more of a focus on our guys and what we’re doing. Then you just let the game play itself out. 

CM: Lastly, what have been some of the things at practice you’ve been working on to limit the mistakes and try to get your team ready to not give up errors and stuff. 

CC: You know again, it’s the focus on little things. We talk to the guys all the time about taking care of little things. You get up in the morning. You make your bed. You go to the field house. You keep things neat and orderly and you go to practice and you’re sharp with everything you do. Focussing on the little things and like I said, that translates to the big things. We’re on them pretty hard about taking care of minor details. That’s goin go to translate. They probably don’t appreciate it right now but they will one day. 

CM: Alright everyone that was Coach Carroll in the Two Minute Drill.

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