With the Royals fighting to get the home field advantage in the first round of the playoffs, Carter Marks sits down with Kyla Nase. The Royals take on Matoaca tonight May 16 at home for senior night. https://soundcloud.com/user-255180051/kyla-nase-in-the-three-up-three-down-podcast-episode-7

Hello my name is Carter Marks and I’m here with first baseman Kyla Nase and this is the three up three down podcast.

Coming off a big win last night beating Colonial Heights 7-3, what were some of the things that helped your at-bats and the teams’ at-bats to earn seven runs?

I think personally for me, I’ve been practicing a certain new style of hitting so I focus on using that in the game and it helped me. As a team, we just knew we were struggling against Colonial Heights so we had to come in during clutch moments and each of us focused out at-bats to the situation of that inning and we knew we had to do the job up there for ourselves and the team.

With Matoaca on the schedule for tonight, how does your team prepare considering there wasn’t a day set for practice?

It would have been nice to have a practice, but I guess playing yesterday kind of was a good thing because we got to see how we will play in an actual game and we can take our errors from yesterday and fix them today to insure that we can play at the next level and win.

With this being your last regular-season game as a Royal? How will this game mean to you?

This game means a lot. Not only for myself but for the rest of the team. It means a lot sentimentally because it is my last game playing as a Lady Royal, but this game will also see if we have a spot in the regional tournament to have a chance to host a game so that will be a big deal. So we are just coming in with an aggressive attitude ready to take the dub.

Alright thank you, and that was Kyla Nase in the Three Up Three Down Podcast.

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