MK: Hey PG. I’m Madison Koren and you are listening to the Royal Radar and today we discuss prom, prom committee and the preparation. And we have the prom king and queen here joining us later. Now Amanda Harris. Hi.

AH: Hi.

MK: Hi, how are you?

AH: I’m good. How are you?

MK: You better be good, cuz you just won vice-president. AH: I know, it’s so exciting.

MK: So, how do you feel about being vice president?

AH: I’m really excited this year rather than last year because I didn’t really feel like I got to do much this past year, so I’m excited for next year. I’m really happy about it.

MK: Prom was last Saturday April 27th. The theme was a night at Gatsby’s. And you’re on prom committee. So what is prom committee?

AH: Prom committee is like a club. So it is just like a bunch of people made up of juniors and seniors who want to make prom the best possible. And we all join up together and we have meetings throughout the year where we just discuss like decorations… what kind of props we want… and just to make the whole thing come together.

MK: How do you join prom committee?

AH: Just like I said, you just join it like any other club at the beginning of the year. They had like little sign-ups during club week. I don’t know what they call it, but you just put your name on the list and if Ms. Roberts approves of you then you’re in.

MK: Cool. How did you and the others pick the theme?

AH: There’s a lot of debate this year on the theme. A lot of people wanted, what is it called, a Casino theme but there was a group of people who didn’t like it. So we had to like debate on that and we ended up changing it to Floral.

And then we didn’t like that. So we had a revote and then we like kind of combined that with another theme like a roaring 20s themed. So now we have a Great Gatsby / Garden theme.

MK: I was going to ask over the other option. So you said Casino and Floral?

AH: We had like a long list of options, but those are the ones that we most like heavily debated.

MK: Well prom looked amazing. Thank you and all the others on prom committee for making it look so good and thank you for joining us and we will be right back.

MK: Welcome back to the Royal Radar now. Now with me Ja’jour Lambert, 2019 Prom King. How are you?

JL: Good. How are you?

MK: Congratulations?

JL: Thank you. Thank you.

MK: What was going through your mind when Savannah announced you as prom king?

JL: Really I was shocked, cuz I didn’t think I was that popular amoung the senior class, but I’m glad that everyone voted for me.

MK: What were you thinking when Genesis was just one of the last two and then they called her name.

JL: I was really excited cuz she told me that months before that she’s always wanted to be a prom queen. I was like maybe we can make it happen and I’m just glad it really happen. And she was really happy.  Yeah.

MK: How do you get on prom court… do you run or?

JL: Prom court. Well first you got to get nominated. After nominations, you have to be a top 10 boy or top 10 girl. And it goes to top five boy or girl and then after that they announce the winner on Prom Night.

MK: Exciting well congrats to you and thank you guys so much for watching? Thank you for joining us course and have a wonderful Friday Royals.

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