Coming off their first loss of the season, Carter Marks sits down with Georgia Adair as they discuss how they bounced back. The Royals come off a 3-2 victory over Matoaca on Tuesday.

Hello, my name is Carter Marks. I’m here with senior midfielder, Georgia Adair and this is the hat trick podcast.

What do you think has been the main factor in your team success this year?

I think the main factor for one is we had a lot of freshmen come up who actually start, and they provide a big skill-set into our team this year. I also think that we can play as a unit and there’s no conflict within the team.

Last week your team suffered its first loss in overtime against Colonial Heights. What is something you knew that needed to beat Matoaca this past Tuesday.

We started to disconnect during the Colonial Heights game and our communication was lacking. So during the Matoaca game we began to make and connect more passes together. And began to move more more as a unit from side to side and up and down the field.

What was in determining factor in coming out on top and beating Matoaca by a score of 3-2?

Well during that game we actually went down two to one at some point and we knew that we need to get back because if we were going to lose your team that definitely was not going to be Matoaca. So we just, in the second half we decided we needed to push harder and we ended up coming gout on top.

Alright everyone, that was Georgia Adair in the Hat Trick Podcast.

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