Hello, my name is Carter Marks. I’m here with junior starting shortstop Jake Farrar for our Three Up Three Down podcast.

Jake your team won Wednesday against The Homeschool Patriots 14 to 5. What were some of the positive aspects you and your team will take out of this game?

We hit the ball very well and hopefully we can just keep this going. We’re just seeing the ball well that’s how we scored so many runs. and everybody had a positive attitude.

With you contributing to the win with three out of the 14 runs, how were you feeling in the box? 

I don’t know I can’t really say how I felt. I was just comfortable I guess.

How will this help your team’s confidence with the rest of your season left?

This is just going to keep us going and hopefully that confidence can carry a game after game and hopefully we can keep winning.

Alright everyone that was Jake Farrar in the Three Up Three Down podcast.

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