Hello everyone. Today RM Radio brings you to the Little Feet Meet at the Prince George High School football field.

My name is Ashley Thacker and we are talking to the participants and organizers of this event to find out what makes this event one of the best events of the school year at Prince George.

So I’m talking to Mr. Hall and you’ve been helping out with the planning for today’s Little Feet Meet. Why is this such a great event? 

It is such a great event because the goal is to bring our special-needs students together with our non special-ed students and general ed students and the purpose is to bring them together to form friendships, tear down barriers that might have been there due to their disability. So forming new friendships.

I think that my vision for this program is to use this program as a means to address bullying that sometimes we see in schools as well as other issues that are kind of plaguing schools right now. I think this fosters friendship, patience, and tolerance… accepting people who might talk differently than you or look differently or maybe learn a little bit slower than you do. So, I think it does a lot of great things to kind of build a more positive school climate.

So I’m talking to Miss Jones and you’ve been helping out with the Little Feat me today. Why is this such a great event?

This is an awesome idea because it brings together all of the schools in Prince George County. It brings together our special needs students along with the other students and promotes unity with all students.

Everyone’s having a great time. Last year it was just elementary schools. It was called Little Feet… this year’s it is called Meet in the Middle and involves all of the schools here in Prince George County and it has turned out to be a wonderful event.

I’m here with Mady Degan and Savannah Smith. What are y’all helping out today with the little feet meet?

We are helping with the softball throw and the tennis ball throw. It’s when kids throw the soft ball or tennis ball, depending on what their age is, is  depending on what ball they get and they throw it as far as they can and we measure it and then write it down their back.

The goal is to watch how far they can throw and just make sure they have a good time overall.

My name is Bryce Carmichael and my favorite part of the lunch were the burgers.

My name is Emmanuel and my favorite part of lunch was talking to friends. 

My name is Ryland and the thing I liked about the lunches were the hot dogs and hamburgers.

My name is Tyrell and my favorite part of the burger is the cheese.

What school are y’all from?

Walton Elementary.

So we’re going to talk to you about what was your favorite food today at the little feet meet at cheeseburger?  Was it good? What do you like on your cheeseburger?


That’s it?  So nothing like ketchup or mustard or lettuce?


Okay. Anything else you like?

The obstacle course.

What was fun about that?

It was a challenge.

Okay, that’s good. It’s good talking to you today.

It was good talking to you too.

So that’s it. Another great event. Thank you to everyone who came today and to the Champions together team who sponsored the event.

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